Red Deer Housing Authority – Rent Supplement Program

The Rent Supplement Programs have been established by Federal and Provincial Governments to help address the housing need throughout Alberta. That's where you will discover no deposit free spins uk. Follow the url!

Red Deer Housing Authority (RDHA) administers these programs for Red Deer, Sylvan Lake, Rocky Mountain House, Innisfail and area. Simply in this article you actually are invariably desired, in addition to black horse online you don't have any equivalent!

Subsidy payments to private landlords and tenants are issued directly by RDHA.


Amount of Assistance

The amount of assistance is based on household size requirements. Subsidy maximums are listed below:

  • 1 Bedroom - $300
  • 2 Bedroom - $350
  • 3 Bedroom - $400
  • 4 Bedroom - $450


Eligibility criteria is set by Alberta Government and based on a provincial point-scoring criteria to ensure assistance is provided to those most in need.

To qualify, applicants must be Canadian Citizens, independent landed immigrants, or government sponsored landed immigrants. Assets and belongings cannot exceed $25,000.

The program is open to people who are renting a legal suite (e.g. apartment, duplex, townhouse).

Total household income cannot be more than the maximum income limits permitted under the program:

 Community  Bachelor  1 bdrm  2 bdrm  3 bdrm  4 bdrm  5 bdrm
 Innisfail  $28,500  $33,500  $40,000  $43,000  $47,000  $50,000
 Red Deer  $26,000  $34,500  $41,500  $54,500  $57,500  $60,500
 Sylvan Lake  $26,500  $29,500  $34,500  $38,000  $41,000  $44,000
 RMH  $28,500  $33,500  $40,000  $43,000  $47,000  $50,000
 Penhold  $28,500  $33,500  $40,000  $43,000  $47,000  $50,000
 Leslieville    $72,000  $76,500  $82,500  $86,000  $89,000
 Caroline  $28,500  $33,500  $40,000  $43,000  $47,000  $50,000


Applicants must provide verification of their current income and proof of their rent (i.e. lease agreement). You will be placed on a waiting list based on priority of need – those with the greatest need are offered the next available rent supplement.

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